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We are precious gifts too

When J was a baby, I stayed busy making sure that I was the best mother for J; breastfeeding, keeping him away from television, taking him outdoors any chance I had or no matter how I felt. I also spoke positively to him, read to him every day and helped him to meet his developmental milestones; there was nothing that I wouldn't do for him.

However, I didn't think about taking care of myself and being the best for J. I started to allow the challenges that came my way and the negativity that I experienced from others cause me to neglect self care. I wasn't going to the dentist and keeping up with my physicals that it caused my health to decline a little; I'm happy that God was on my side and made sure that I was the best for J back then and even now.

Recently, I fell short again of taking care of myself. I was feeling tired and thinking that it was due to lack of sleep, but actually I had to cleanse myself internally. I'm so happy that I acted on my thoughts positively and I advise you to do the same. Whenever, you are not feeling your best, take a moment to stop and ask yourself...why am I feeling this way?

Get yourself checked out and take care of yourself immediately. Like my mother used to tell my siblings and I growing up "never put a price on your health" especially when little ones are involved. We were given the chance to take care of these precious little gifts; let's remember that we are precious gifts too!

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