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You are your child's first teacher

Prior to my son's birth, I prepared myself for parenting through the care of others. For example, during my undergraduate studies, I was able to learn the stages that children went through from birth to adulthood, which helped me to be understand children's development. I got lots of practice as an older sibling and more when I became a teacher and caseworker.

When I got pregnant with my son, one thing that I focused on was talking to him and reading to him. Communication and literacy are great ways to build your child's vocabulary and imagination from the very beginning. I used to read a book about love to my son during utero, so by the time he was born, I had already created a routine for the both of us. Reading became a way of life and other areas that he needed for his development.

Maybe you are pregnant, just gave birth or enjoying the parenting journey. I want you to remember that you are your child's first teacher. You will teach your child how to walk, talk, love, read, dress themselves, feed themselves, etc; it all starts with you! One day, you will look back and feel so proud of how you took this fragile little person and helped them to become the beautiful and active child that he or she is today!

At times, it will be challenging, but take a moment to go for a walk with your child (ren) and spark a conversation while enjoying the fresh air if your child is able to do so. Doing this isn't only good for your physical health, but your mental health too. Most importantly, it's free while you and your little one (s) are getting their daily dose of Vitamin D. Also, this helps to build a strong bond between you and your child. By doing this, you're helping their imaginations and language to grow while you help them to grow physically, and emotionally.

If your child is old enough, do an activity together by having your little one (s) draw a photo and write a sentence or two if they could. If they're unable to write a sentence a single word will do, plus a drawing to creating lasting memories of their precious moments. Or simply take a selfie of these moments together to talk about as your little treasure (s) grows.

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